Aviation solutions for the oil industry in South America

    Aviation safety inspections.

  • Provide safety reviews on aircrafts in order to insure they are safe for operation.
  • Examine airports and heliports in accordance with the standards set by ICAO.
  • Analysis of safety of aviation operations, both on-shore and offshore, according to recommendations from IOGP.
  • Carry out inspections on repair stations following international regulations.
  • Select bespoke crewmembers, maintenance professionals, and inspectors, to perform operations, ensuring expert knowledge is brought in.
  • Assess safety of offshore helidecks on ships and oilrigs.

    Risk Analysis and Technical Proposal Assistance.

  • Identify potential hazards of operations and recommend appropriate safe solutions.
  • Custom intelligence reports on global aviation organizations to assist clients with their operations.
  • Formulate aircraft status reports prior to procurement of the aircraft.
  • Inspect aeronautical fuel facilities in remote areas, following IOGP recommendations.
  • Analyze the risks of air operations in remote oil camps, for such things as seismic work and sanitary transfer operations.
  • Select the appropriate aircraft, by examining the needs and demands of each operation and catering to these respectively.
  • Prepare technical documents for air tendering.

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    Insurance Claims.

    Members of the OMS Aviation Advisor Inc. team have worked as investigators in approximately 150 air crashes. Its founder and CEO, Alejandro Oms, has been a member of The International Society of Air Safety Investigators since 1997. Alejandro additionally works as aviation claims surveyor and adjustor in Argentina and as a representative of Ajustadores de AviaciĆ³n LC for Argentina and Uruguay.

    We have investigated commercial and military accidents involving many different types of aircraft; these accidents have occurred in such diverse and geographically hostile environments like mountains, jungles and offshore. The accidents we have investigated include but are not limited to, cases featuring total losses, explosive decompression with ejected crewmembers, ditching, and collisions both on the ground and mid air.

    These cases were assigned to our team by Reinsurers of London and the United States, as well as by various oil and mining companies.

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