Extensive experience in oil aviation at South America​


Our mission is to improve aircraft safety in the aviation industry using our vast experience and knowledge, as well as the valued ethical standards of our specialised team. Using the standards recommended by IOGP we have assisted clients in their operations for over two decades, working in both remote and offshore locations.

We have a permanent presence in key geographical regions in South America, focussing specifically on the oil industry including the regions of Camisea (Perú) , Dragon Hill (Argentina) and Vaca Muerta (Argentina). We are currently working on a project dealing in offshore operations in the South Atlantic Ocean.

We know the global aviation industry, and, above all, the regional culture. This allows us to quickly spot risks as well as finding opportunities, a knowledge that puts us in an advantageous position to recommend the best solutions to our clients.

We offer, intelligent, creative and innovative solutions at a competitive cost to all our clients with the aim of improving regional standards and aviation security.

Operations Inspector – Air Safety Investigator

Gustavo leads the team in charge of aircraft and helicopter operations. He is responsible for the ongoing improvement of air safety for the air industry.

Has a Bachelors degree in computer sciences, and has participated in research dealing in such places such as hostile environments in remote areas.

At OMS Aviation Advisory Inc. Gustavo works as an ICAO ATL flight license of aircraft and helicopters. With more than 20 years of experience and 12,000 flight hours, he is certified to operate most Bell, Airbus, Sikorsky and AgustaWestland helicopter models. Gustavo has performed operations in difficult flying conditions such as Antarctica,the Andes and the Amazon, as well as working on projects in off-shore areas.