Extensive experience in oil aviation at South America​


Our mission is to improve aircraft safety in the aviation industry using our vast experience and knowledge, as well as the valued ethical standards of our specialised team. Using the standards recommended by IOGP we have assisted clients in their operations for over two decades, working in both remote and offshore locations.

We have a permanent presence in key geographical regions in South America, focussing specifically on the oil industry including the regions of Camisea (Perú) , Dragon Hill (Argentina) and Vaca Muerta (Argentina). We are currently working on a project dealing in offshore operations in the South Atlantic Ocean.

We know the global aviation industry, and, above all, the regional culture. This allows us to quickly spot risks as well as finding opportunities, a knowledge that puts us in an advantageous position to recommend the best solutions to our clients.

We offer, intelligent, creative and innovative solutions at a competitive cost to all our clients with the aim of improving regional standards and aviation security.


Alejandro Oms is an Engineer with a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering; in addition has is a post-graduate qualification in Aviation Safety and Security gained at the University of Southern California in the US. In addition to his academic qualifications, Alejandro also has more than 25 years of experience in aviation security, and an extensive career in consulting for the sector.

Through the combination of theoretical knowledge and fieldwork experience, Alejandro has gained a deep and comprehensive understanding of the aviation industry.

He served as a lieutenant for the Argentine Navy, joining the Argentine Naval Air Force from 1975 until 1991 when he took voluntary retirement from the force. During this time with the Navy, he assisted in logistics operations during the Gulf War and he was also involved with the international charity UNITAS, working again in logistics operations collaborating with the US Navy in the South Atlantic sea.

Since leaving the Navy, Alejandro has worked in the area of Air Safety and Project Management dealing with large operations such as commercial airlines through to niche businesses like air-taxis and helicopter transport. This work also includes working with aircraft repair stations. He has also worked as an aviation accident investigator, and as such he investigated close to 150 aircraft accidents on behalf of large multinationals including Airclaims UK, Lloyds Aviation Department, and London and American Reinsurers.

As a result of Alejandro´s extensive career and commitment to excellence, paired with his exceptional work ethic and passion for the aviation industry he has built and maintained many positive and lasting relationships with clients across the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe.